My Singing Through Life Book

singing through life
I’m excited to tell you about my eBook that is published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and currently composer for two television shows, Michael Silversher, calls it:

“The Kahil Gibran Prophet for singers.”

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Filled with 100 powerful sayings about how your inner world of singing directly impacts your outer world of singing through life, it is a tool that no singer, voice teacher, choir director, cantor or performing artist should be without and yet is PERFECT for the untrained person as well!

Here are 4 sayings from it:

  • “The purpose of singing is to set you free to fly on the winds of your highest imagination and never look down again.”
  • “Is there a reason not to sing? Only one. You are already dead. Even then I am not so sure that it is a good enough reason.”
  • “Plunking down a payment for a teacher does not mean you will learn anything. Only the teacher who knows how to show you what is already inside of you is worth the price.”
  • “Singing fearlessly and effortlessly is an exercise in complete self-awareness.”

Enjoy All 100 Sayings!

Get Singing Through Life on Amazon!

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