Singing Tongue

Are you ready to power up your tongue?

Because you’ve been asking for it, I’ve been working on a series of digital singing lessons that are affordable, fun and easy to understand.

My series is called “YOUR TREMENDOUS SINGING VOICE” and I will be releasing various episodes as they are completed. I know it seems odd, but the first one I am releasing is Episode 4: “YOUR TREMENDOUS SINGING TONGUE”.

That’s because of the requests I am getting for more and more help about how to power up the tongue for use in singing.

You see, lots of people try to sing without knowing how to get the most power out of their tongue muscle.

In this lesson, I reveal why the tongue is so important for powerful singing and give you essential exercises to use in strengthening your singing tongue, all in the wacky and fun teaching style for which you’ve come to know me.

I still maintain that laughing is the best exercise of all.

In fact, believe it or not, I have actually developed a singing voice exercise based on real laughter.

But, I’ll have to save that for another time.
In this affordable singing tongue lesson, you will discover:

* Who your tongue partners are
* Why your tongue is either your best friend or your worst enemy
* How to power up your singing tongue muscle with action steps
* How to find time to practice
* How to use your lips to get it right
* And much more!

So, join me in powering up your singing tongue to power up your voice!