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Your Authentic Voice, Hero Worship & Your Singing Mindset

Michael Silversher

This Bonus Mindset comes from an interview I did with Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, Michael Silversher, who once took a few singing lessons from me.

We talked about a subject that I know you will find important to you as you seek to empower your voice by discovering what your authentic voice truly is.

When we start singing early in life, we imitate our heroes, the singing stars that we love to hear. It doesn’t matter what genre we love, whether it is rock or opera, we want to sound like the voices we hear in movies, on TV, the internet, iTunes, etc.

But if we stay in that mindset, always trying to sound like someone else, some star, we can never truly find our own authentic voice.

Here are a few snippets of what we spoke about:

“Sing from a true place in yourself.”

“I abandoned all pretense of trying to sound great.”

“Don’t push yourself to the point that you hurt yourself….push yourself to overcome what is hurting you.”

“The only fear you have is the unknown, and once you know it, you can’t be afraid of it anymore.”

We are each a hero to our own truth….if you tell the truth in your own authentic voice, you are a hero.”

There is much more, so listen to it now.


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