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Singing Embarrassment

This is for all of you who are experience singing embarrassment or shame about how you sing or have sung at one time or another.

singing embarrassmentI wrote it in response to a person who commented here on one of my pages, but it also has to do with anyone who has felt singing embarrassment of singing shame when performing.

I want to tell you a little story… a true story about myself. And although it is about embarrassment and shame I felt at a piano recital, it has to do with singing embarrassment too.

[continue reading…]


Singing for Health

Singing and Cancer?singing health image
Singing and endorphins?
Singing and cellular function?
Singing and wellness?

Science is finally starting to show more data about the benefits of singing for your health and wellness. [continue reading…]


Help for Singing Hoarseness

hoarse singing voice joy sikorskiPeople ask me about how to deal with singing hoarseness all the time, and I have written about it before.

But because the way to succeed at stopping singing hoarseness is to know what causes it in the first place, I want to share 3 key things that usually cause hoarseness and what you can do about it…  [continue reading…]


Voice Liberator

liberate your voiceYou want to sing better and are looking for a intangible, indefinable something that will enable you to break through barriers you have felt in your voice for years. Otherwise, quite frankly, you never would have found me here.

I remember feeling that way myself and I remember what it felt like to think that no one would ever understand what I needed.

Fortunately, you do not have to feel that way ever again.

I will keep this short because we are both very busy people. All I can say at this point in time is that if you are here, it is for a reason. [continue reading…]


Morning Peace Music

Although not precisely about singing technique, this post relates to the need for inner and outer calm to fully liberate your voice. That’s why I want you to know about a new solo piano project I’m creating: Morning Peace. [continue reading…]


How to Practice Singing

Singing Practice Time: How Much is Enough?singing practice time watch

10 minutes? 20? An hour or more?

I often get questions from people who want singing help about the best amount of time to practice a particular singing exercise or exercises.

Recently, jeanpaulfelix on Youtube asked me these three important questions (thanks jeanpaulfelix!): [continue reading…]


Herbs for Singing Health

Recently, I have been posting articles about ways to improve your singing health.  But today I want to specifically mention herbs for singing health.

That’s because I’ve taken my health much more seriously than ever in my life because I know how crucial good health is for singing.  Plus, I have been discovering many new things about how you can pro-actively nurture and protect your singing health. [continue reading…]


You need a healthy head for healthy singing!

nose droppers for healthy singing
Recently, I have been corresponding with a singer who is primarily self-taught, but has also utilized my Singing Tongue digital lesson and taken my “Fearless Voice Power” affordable singing lessons.

He has been having some pretty serious problems with excess mucus and a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop.

I take the liberty to speak about this with his permission and without mentioning his name because I want to write about this important subject so that anyone who sings or is working on their singing voice, their singing tongue, singing breath, etc., can take direct action to insure longterm healthy singing habits. [continue reading…]


Your Yellow Singing Tongue!

The health of your physical tongue affects your singing!

yellow singing tongueI want to write a few short posts to update you on your singing tongue and how deeply it impacts the way you can free your voice.

That’s because I’ve been learning new things in the past few months about what impacts my own voice, and I believe that a singing voice teacher needs to keep growing in order to give the best possible service to those of you who are earnestly working to free your voices.

And that, of course means YOU!

In order to have increasing ease with your singing voice, it is essential that you continue to develop healthy singing mindsets, which in this case, means a healthier singing tongue mindset.

What do I mean by that? [continue reading…]


Session Singer Scottie Haskell

crowd at singing concertToday I had the privilege of interviewing Scottie Haskell, a professional session singer from Los Angeles.

Scottie received my Singing Through Life book as a gift over the holidays and loved it, which was really nice!

I interviewed her today for my Fearless Voice Power affordable singing lessons series and thought that several things she had to say would be helpful for you.

One of the things she shared with me in the interview had to do with how she feels about singing in front of a live audience. Since she has been a session singer all her life – she started when she was 7 years old – she has not necessarily enjoyed live singing.

What I love about Scottie’s attitude is that she always wants to push her own envelope and when she is not comfortable with something she is doing in singing, she knows what to do with her mindset.

For instance, recently she was in Hong Kong, singing as the only back up singer for Connie Francis, in front of a live audience of about 10,000 people. This is what she had to say about that experience:

“When I saw all those people I just knew I was going to throw up, pass out or both. But then I thought, ‘I know this music and I’ve worked it, so even if I am a little uncomfortable, I know my voice will be ok.”

And she was ok. More than ok, as a matter of fact. Scottie enjoyed singing that night and continues to put herself in situations where she sings in front of people.

In other words, her singing mindset is in the right place to help her push ahead with new goals, new challenges and new successes. That is how we all should be!

Scottie is a professional, in the truest sense of the word, and she knows how to make use of a singing mindset to overcome her personal fears.

One of the things I strongly stress in my work as a singing teacher is your singing mindset. In fact, in my Fearless Voice Power singing lesson series, in addition to all the other powerful training materials, there are 12 singing mindset audio lessons with PDF worksheets to help you overcome your fears and your negative thoughts about your own singing voice.

One of the gigs Scottie recently did as a session singer was for T-Mobile. She described this particular job as an example of how much fun singing professionally as a session singer can be. I am posting the video here of this particular job.

The “singers” you see are only lip-syncing. All of the vocals were done in a studio with professionals like Scottie. Her voice is in the recording. And the 4+ million views of the video tells you what you need to know about the success of the session singers’ recording.

Enjoy, and remember to keep your singing dreams alive. The reason I do what I do is to help you do just that!

Find out how to start making your singing dreams come true!

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