Herbs for Singing Health

Recently, I have been posting articles about ways to improve your singing health.  But today I want to specifically mention herbs for singing health.

That’s because I’ve taken my health much more seriously than ever in my life because I know how crucial good health is for singing.  Plus, I have been discovering many new things about how you can pro-actively nurture and protect your singing health.

One of my first voice teachers used to say that you had to be an athlete to sing well. She was right. And what do athletes do? They work hard, they discipline themselves, they make sure they pay attention to what they eat and drink and they focus on improving their mindsets.

I have posted many things about singing mindsets, but I want to make sure that I give you more information and resources about how to keep your lungs, bronchials, nasal passages, tongue at peak performance levels.

Of course, we can’t isolate just those areas when we talk about your singing health, but I want to focus on a few herbs for singing health that I myself use.

You have seen a couple of them recently, but now I have now created a page that is only about herbs for singing health and where you can find them.

Almost everything you might need can be purchased through Amazon, so I have only included those resources because not everyone can find the kinds of things I use at a store in their area. Some of these herbs for singing health are unusual but they work.

I know because, as I mentioned above, I use them myself.

So I am making this a quick post because the page has more information on it and you can always come back to it when you need to.

And please ask any questions about what I suggest either on this post page or on the herbs for singing health page.

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