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I want to drop a quick note to you today to let you know that I will be doing a FREE (one time only) live streaming singing lesson for 4 lucky people.

In the class, 4 of you will be able to work with me live and with one another.

A true Singing Mastermind!

If you are interested in signing up for this class, it will be held on a first come first served basis, so leave a comment below if you are interested and I will give you details.

This is what you will need to do before you can try to be one of the 4 to sign up for the free class.

  • Check your high speed internet connection at www.speedtest.net. You will need the bare minimum speeds of 1 Mbps download and 384 Kbps upload.
  • 1.6GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista® Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.6 and above
    Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox 6.0 and above, or Safari 5.0 and above
  • NOTE: Do NOT use Chrome for this beta test! It won’t work.
  • Flash Player 11.0 or above.
    The latest version of Flash can be found here:

Class Best Practices & Requirements

  • Sit next to your Wifi or plug directly into your Internet connection with an Ethernet cable.
  • Shut down other Internet devices and make sure no one else is using your Internet during the class.
  • Turn off the energy saving feature or screensaver on your computer.
  • Do not download files right before or during class.
  • Connect your laptop to a power source.
  • Close all other browser tabs & other software before class.
  • Wear headphones to prevent audio feedback
  • Test your webcam before class and sit in a comfortable, quiet, well lit location.
  • Hook up an external mouse if possible
  • Please contact support@powhow.com if you have any questions at all about your set-up.
  • Looking forward to seeing you in the classroom!

Only 4 students on a first come first served basis, so leave a comment below if you are interested and I will give you details.

Click here to register for the FREE Live Singing Lesson Beta Test


Radio Interview

Great singing tips live with Joy!

Tune in for FREE to hear Joy Sikorski interviewed by Angie Dutton of Inner View Internet Radio.

Look at the time below on the flyer to see what the time will be for your time zone.

Some of my original music (never before heard by the public) will be aired on the show.

We will talk about singing, singing mindsets, about free your voice quick tips, fearless voice power and Singing Through Life!

Plus, I will be offering a discount during the show for my Fearless Voice Power Affordable Singing Lessons

Join us for the fun!


Session Singer Scottie Haskell

crowd at singing concertToday I had the privilege of interviewing Scottie Haskell, a professional session singer from Los Angeles.

Scottie received my Singing Through Life book as a gift over the holidays and loved it, which was really nice!

I interviewed her today for my Fearless Voice Power affordable singing lessons series and thought that several things she had to say would be helpful for you.

One of the things she shared with me in the interview had to do with how she feels about singing in front of a live audience. Since she has been a session singer all her life – she started when she was 7 years old – she has not necessarily enjoyed live singing.

What I love about Scottie’s attitude is that she always wants to push her own envelope and when she is not comfortable with something she is doing in singing, she knows what to do with her mindset.

For instance, recently she was in Hong Kong, singing as the only back up singer for Connie Francis, in front of a live audience of about 10,000 people. This is what she had to say about that experience:

“When I saw all those people I just knew I was going to throw up, pass out or both. But then I thought, ‘I know this music and I’ve worked it, so even if I am a little uncomfortable, I know my voice will be ok.”

And she was ok. More than ok, as a matter of fact. Scottie enjoyed singing that night and continues to put herself in situations where she sings in front of people.

In other words, her singing mindset is in the right place to help her push ahead with new goals, new challenges and new successes. That is how we all should be!

Scottie is a professional, in the truest sense of the word, and she knows how to make use of a singing mindset to overcome her personal fears.

One of the things I strongly stress in my work as a singing teacher is your singing mindset. In fact, in my Fearless Voice Power singing lesson series, in addition to all the other powerful training materials, there are 12 singing mindset audio lessons with PDF worksheets to help you overcome your fears and your negative thoughts about your own singing voice.

One of the gigs Scottie recently did as a session singer was for T-Mobile. She described this particular job as an example of how much fun singing professionally as a session singer can be. I am posting the video here of this particular job.

The “singers” you see are only lip-syncing. All of the vocals were done in a studio with professionals like Scottie. Her voice is in the recording. And the 4+ million views of the video tells you what you need to know about the success of the session singers’ recording.

Enjoy, and remember to keep your singing dreams alive. The reason I do what I do is to help you do just that!

P.S. Since I first wrote this post, Scottie was hired to conduct the children’s choir for the “Inchworm” track on Paul McCartney’s album “Kisses on the Bottom.”

Find out how to start making your singing dreams come true!


My Singing Through Life Book

singing through life
I’m excited to tell you about my eBook that is published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and currently composer for two television shows, Michael Silversher, calls it:

“The Kahil Gibran Prophet for singers.”

 Get Singing Through Life on Amazon!

Filled with 100 powerful sayings about how your inner world of singing directly impacts your outer world of singing through life, it is a tool that no singer, voice teacher, choir director, cantor or performing artist should be without and yet is PERFECT for the untrained person as well!

Here are 4 sayings from it:

  • “The purpose of singing is to set you free to fly on the winds of your highest imagination and never look down again.”
  • “Is there a reason not to sing? Only one. You are already dead. Even then I am not so sure that it is a good enough reason.”
  • “Plunking down a payment for a teacher does not mean you will learn anything. Only the teacher who knows how to show you what is already inside of you is worth the price.”
  • “Singing fearlessly and effortlessly is an exercise in complete self-awareness.”

Enjoy All 100 Sayings!

Get Singing Through Life on Amazon!

Get it at Barnes & Noble!


Voice Problems and Surgery

voice problems surgery image
Over the weekend, NPR did a show about voice problems and the challenges that singers face.

Since I work with people who use their voices a lot, professional singers and non-professional alike, I know how difficult it can be to keep things in perspective.

Listen to NPR’s show: The Surgery That Saves Silenced Voices**

[viddy f=’https://www.singingmastermind.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/20111106_wesun_09.mp3′]

** ©2011 NPR

When we love to sing and when our living or our sense of pleasure or well-being depends on singing, it can feel like death to develop swollen vocal cords, a hoarse throat, or worst of all, a polyp.

That is why I emphasize over and over again how crucial it is to build a solid vocal foundation.

Many people have wonderful natural voices. Others do not. But both groups need good training in order to preserve and get the best out of their voices.

I have said this elsewhere, but I will say it again, I wish you would get the basic training you need before you jump into trying to sing big powerful songs.

It’s like trying to run a marathon without knowing how to warm up your muscles. You might get away with it a few times….when you are very young.

However, the voice is a physical instrument that stays healthy or becomes unhealthy based on physical principles.

There is no way to get around these principles anymore than you can get around the way your blood flows through your heart.

You can change the name of these principles, you can dismiss or ignore them, scoff at them, pretend they don’t apply to you, but the only thing you will get from all that in the long run is a hoarse throat, a raspy voice that cracks, or polyps, surgery and the strong possibility that you might be silenced from singing forever.

Today, more than ever, little attention is paid to solid vocal technique.

More attention is paid to fame and fortune and quick fixes.

Sadly, this kind of thinking will not help you to keep a healthy voice for the duration of your life.

Shaping and guiding healthy voices is one of my prime passions in life and that is why I have created the “Fearless Voice Power” affordable singing lessons course.

I knew that people were unnecessarily damaging their voices because they didn’t know the basic singing voice techniques.

Often, they think they do, but usually they don’t and that is when the trouble begins.

I have also seen many so-called voice training programs that promise to give you a “star quality” singing voice in 30 days or 10 quick lessons or some other kind of marketing hype.

Don’t believe it for a minute and don’t waste your money and time!

You need to build your vocal muscle power gradually, just like any other muscles.

So, if you want to sing with power and freedom for as long as you can, and you want to build and protect your voice with time tested unshakeable vocal techniques, I highly recommend that you give yourself something more valuable than money can buy….give yourself a healthy voice that learns how to unlock its potential without damaging its vocal cords.

Do it for yourself now instead of forming or repeating old patterns that are the cause of your vocal problems.


Impromptu Mountain Singing

Last night I had an amazing experience with four other women.

We hiked up a steep mountain trail (I think it started at 6,000+ feet) to watch the sun set and the moon rise. After it got dark, we hiked back down the trail with flashlights. It was incredible!

Boulders strewn about the area looked like a giant had smashed a stone world and sent pieces flying everywhere. The higher we hiked, the bigger the boulders became. At one point on the trail, there was a place where several several of them formed a doorway that framed an amazing view of higher peaks. A pool of water from the last rains still shimmered in a hole in the rock and reflected the mountains above it. That pool is in the video on this page. It was glorious!

There’s something about this kind of beauty coupled with mountain air and hiking that just about lifts me off the ground. In fact, I become almost oblivious to anything else around me, whether it be people or wildlife or my own thoughts. The beauty overtakes me so completely that I must send my voice singing and ringing amidst the fantastic beauty of boulders bigger than houses!

Do you ever feel that way about your voice? That you simply cannot stop it from singing out because of the power of the beauty around you? That the beauty itself seems to bubble up inside of you in the form of song?

If not, come into my world and I will show you how to let go of all inhibitions and feel the great joy that comes from fearless voice power.

There is absolutely nothing like it in the world that can lift you up and send you flying in the freedom of your mind to heights you may never have thought possible before. It releases endorphins in ways no other activity can.

I plan to get up that trail again and again and again, simply because I want to be compelled to sing into the mystery of the mountain beauty and release my own fearless voice power.

Listen carefully and you may even hear it on the wind!

affordable singing lessons icon batch

– Fearless Voice Power –

Most people tell me privately that they would love to be able to sing without fear, on pitch, without a hoarse throat or a nasal sound.

But often they don’t believe they can actually fulfill that private desire and therefore they don’t want to even try or are too afraid to even try.

But they keep privately wishing it were true.

Somewhere in their early years, the message they got from parents, teachers, siblings or friends, convinced them that they were tone deaf, or not “talented” enough or could never sing like “such and such.”

And so, sadly, they began to believe it themselves and as they got older, they became sure it was true.

The trouble with this thinking, which I call the “anti-singing mindset” is that it is simply not true.

Well, at least all of it but the part about singing like “such and such” because your singing voice is unique to you and their singing voice is unique to them.

Is it true that you can learn to sing better?

And how does your mindset relate to whether or not it is true?

The answers are complex, but I like to simplify things so let me be brief about this because I have written about the “singing mindset” elsewhere on this site.

Heart to heart, let me tell you this:

  • If you believe you can learn to sing better, you are right
  • If you believe you cannot learn to sing better, you are right as well
  • If you believe you can learn then you will want to learn
  • If you want to learn badly enough, you will take an action to do just that

It all starts with what you believe about yourself and what you really want for yourself.

That is why taking singing lessons is such an amazing and wonderful pursuit. It not only frees you to sing the way you are capable of singing, it frees your view of yourself in almost every possible way you can imagine.

This is true because your singing voice is linked to your emotions and what happens inside your body and mind that impacts your muscles and the way you breathe, make sounds and express yourself. It’s linked to everything you know and don’t know, everything you feel, everything that frightens you or empowers you, makes you happy or sad.

My passion is to help people unlock and free the fearless voice power that they have inside of them that has never been let out.

With easy-to-learn vocal technique activities, singing breathing exercises and a liberated singing mindset, you can learn how your emotions and singing are linked together and how you can get rid of tension and voice problems such as a hoarse throat, nasal singing, singing pitch problems or swollen vocal cords.

It has been my privilege to successfully help thousands of people around the world discover how to the free their voices and learn to sing better than they currently do.

But because I cannot bring every person that wants help into my studio area, I decided long ago to develop and offer a professional online singing lessons course that can enable you to learn to make your dream of singing more freely come true.

Fearless Voice Power is now available for you!

Another heart to heart:

  • How badly do you want to learn to sing better?
  • If you want to sing better, it is time to stop putting it off and do what it takes to make it happen.

There is no reason to hold yourself back.

It is all up to you.

I have the university training (both undergraduate and graduate) and real world experience of singing and teaching singing outside of the university setting that it takes to help you. I also have what some people call an “uncanny” sense about what each person individually needs to free their voice plus years of successful experience guiding people into doing just that!

Now it’s your turn.

If you believe you can and want to learn how to release your fearless voice power, the time to do it is now.


Your Singing Voice Curve

singing voice curve abstract

What in the world is a singing voice curve and why is it important to you?

In order to answer those two questions, I have to tell you a true story about the painting you see to your right and a recent voice lesson I gave over Skype.

You may or may not know that I am an abstract painter, writer, performer and composer, as well as a voice teacher, so from time to time, I will sit down and look at a photo (or landscape or some other tangible object) and allow the shapes and colors in it to connect with my brain in ways that allow me to turn it into something on a canvas that looks nothing like the “reality” in the photo, landscape, etc.

In other words, my painting takes on an entirely different reality of its own.

It was in this frame of mind that I painted the above picture last week after trying to draw a curved mirror effect that I had captured in a photo taken in my bathroom.

Now, take a look at this picture of the curved mirror effect and you will see what I mean.

your singing voice has a curve

You might think it strange for a voice teacher to talk about bathroom photos and mirror curves, but that very “strangeness” is the key to my success in helping people like you unlock and free their potential to have fearless singing voices, so bear with me here.

Back to the curved mirror effect and what that has to do with your voice.

The reason I wanted to paint this picture is because of the way the pot of flowers and the straight lines of the walls and mirror frame all get smaller and smaller and then form this amazing curve.

I am not a physicist but I enjoy the puzzle that forms in my mind when I see something like this and since I am an artistic person, the need is there to express it in some way, either through a singing, painting or writing words.

In this case, I decided to paint and what came out of the curved mirror bathroom photo is the painting you saw at the beginning of this post.

Now, I don’t want to make this an entire book, so let’s cut to the chase about how this relates to the voice lesson I mentioned earlier and the curve in your voice.

It has to do with the ratios in the harmonic overtone series of partials and, apparently, physics in general.

Stay with me here. I won’t get into a lot of academic-speak but I will give you a secret to unlock your potential to sing with a powerful and fearless on-pitch voice.

During the voice lesson, my student was singing one of her pitches quite sharp. She is an intelligent and talented young woman and I knew she would lead me to the answers she needed to correct her pitch if I stayed tuned into what she wanted to say in response to the fact that her pitch was sharp.

Why is that?

You see, from years of successful experience in helping people unlock their powerful singing potential I have learned that if I stay extremely sensitive to the fact that the answers are already inside of the student and that if I pay close attention to the underlying meaning in the student’s questions or comments about anything and everything – even if it doesn’t seem to be related to singing – then I will discover how to approach them with the timeless voice principles that will enable them to release their voices and conquer their pitch problems, or hoarse throats or fear of singing in front of people or whatever their particular problem happens to be.

This is part of the secret I mentioned above: the answers are always already there inside of you, waiting for you to discover how easy it is to sing fearlessly and free.

You do not have to settle for believing that you have a terrible voice or that you are tone deaf or that you could never sing anywhere else except in your shower or alone or that you cannot sing better than you already do.

Having said that, let’s get back to my student and the curve in your voice.

Before we had started the lesson, she told me that she had seen my painting on my Facebook wall and had really liked it. I thanked her and then she asked me if I would like to see a picture that she had painted and sent me a link to it in the Skype chat window. It was a wonderful painting and so I gave her a link to a site of an artist friend of mine who is world famous and does amazing work. Then we utilized one of my friend’s paintings to focus on a specific point in it while my voice student again sang the same notes in the exercise I had given her.

This led to a discussion of the overtone series, which is visualized in this picture.

It was while looking at this picture that I suddenly realized why the curved mirror effect had occurred in the photo you saw above, for if you connect the dots between ½, 1/3, 1/4, etc. you will see a curve forming!

You might be saying, “Okay, Joy, I see the curve, but what does this have to do with my voice?  Aren’t you stretching things a bit far?”

The answer has to do with the physics of how sound waves work and ratios, but, again, I am not going to get into academia-speak.

The most important thing for you to think about is this:  when you sing a note it means that you have started a vibration and that vibration sets into motion other vibrations “above” the note you are singing.

The long and short of it is that your ability to sing consistently on pitch with a powerful ringing quality (resonance) in your voice that will not hurt your throat is based on tuning into or becoming internally aware of these other overtone vibrations.

Back to my student.

After I had explained the overtone series to her we needed to make a practical application that would help her with her pitch.

Here is what we did: she and I now explored a point on a painting she had done in high school and I led her imagination through a “portal” point in her painting.  With a few other instructions from me, she then sang a series of simple exercises I gave her.

The effect on her pitch was astounding!  She never went off pitch again during the lesson!

It was so astounding to me that we had used paintings and curved mirrors to effect this change in her voice so quickly that I simply had to write this post this morning.

The secret for your voice is that you do not have to settle for anything less than fearless voice power in yourself.

The secret is that you already have the answers inside of you.

The secret is that there is a curve in Nature that allows you to set your singing voice free.

The secret is that your singing voice is already a part of that curve.

Isn’t it time you discovered it for yourself?

If you have not already done so, pick up my Free Your Voice series of 10 Singing Lesson Quick Tips. They are totally FREE, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain to set your voice free…at last!


Stellar Jays regularly flock around my patio, searching for peanuts.

One of them loves to perch on the top of a privacy wall that butts up against my home. There, she peers through the sliding glass door to command my attention and makes SURE I know she is there waiting for peanuts.

I love this bird because she has what I call a fearless voice inside of her. She is not afraid to use her voice, her body language and her personality to get my attention. And guess what? She always gets peanuts from me before the other birds!

That’s because of her fearless voice power.

Yesterday, while I worked on my upcoming Affordable Singing Lessons launch, I took a few moments to sing to her here in the forest where I live because I love singing out in nature, especially on a mountain!

She loved it and so I decided to sing to her again and video tape it. The video below is from those wonderful few moments when I paused in my crazy work-a-day schedule, when I put away the grueling and time-consuming tasks dealing with editing, scripting, planning, thinking and staying focused on helping others to learn how to sing and release their own fearless voice power.

It takes certain singing mindsets to make the sort of mesmerizing music you hear in the video. It doesn’t have anything to do with wanting to sound like anyone else. Rather, it has to do with finding your authentic voice, using singing mindsets and singing voice techniques and putting them together into something I call Fearless Voice Power.

If this video intrigues you or calms you or makes you smile, I encourage you to get in touch with your own fearless voice by getting my 10 Free Your Voice Quick Tips (they are all FREE).

Enjoy and leave comments below.


Twin Trees

It is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and I have written and recorded my thoughts for this day.

I have been saddened by the petty divisions in my beloved country for some time, but have not said anything publicly about it.

Today, an unstoppable fearless voice from within me has spoken.

Wherever you are in the country or the world, listen and think about what you are doing with your words, your attitude and your actions to stand united for the unshakeable dream of freedom in these times.

Here is the recording. Twin Trees

singing book A MUST HAVE singing mindset eBook for singers, voice teachers, students, choir directors, cantors, actors and more!