Blue Jay’s Fearless Voice Power

Stellar Jays regularly flock around my patio, searching for peanuts.

One of them loves to perch on the top of a privacy wall that butts up against my home. There, she peers through the sliding glass door to command my attention and makes SURE I know she is there waiting for peanuts.

I love this bird because she has what I call a fearless voice inside of her. She is not afraid to use her voice, her body language and her personality to get my attention. And guess what? She always gets peanuts from me before the other birds!

That’s because of her fearless voice power.

Yesterday, while I worked on my upcoming Affordable Singing Lessons launch, I took a few moments to sing to her here in the forest where I live because I love singing out in nature, especially on a mountain!

She loved it and so I decided to sing to her again and video tape it. The video below is from those wonderful few moments when I paused in my crazy work-a-day schedule, when I put away the grueling and time-consuming tasks dealing with editing, scripting, planning, thinking and staying focused on helping others to learn how to sing and release their own fearless voice power.

It takes certain singing mindsets to make the sort of mesmerizing music you hear in the video. It doesn’t have anything to do with wanting to sound like anyone else. Rather, it has to do with finding your authentic voice, using singing mindsets and singing voice techniques and putting them together into something I call Fearless Voice Power.

If this video intrigues you or calms you or makes you smile, I encourage you to get in touch with your own fearless voice by getting my 10 Free Your Voice Quick Tips (they are all FREE).

Enjoy and leave comments below.

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