Affordable Singing Lessons Quick Tip #3

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As I get closer and closer to my Free Your Voice Affordable Singing Lessons launch, I am becoming more and more keenly aware of how important your personal sense about your voice is.

One of the things that I want to impress upon you at this time is that your singing voice is not just about your singing voice. I know that sounds rather strange, but here is what I mean.

All of the anatomy parts that you use when singing (muscles, bones, tissues, lungs, vocal cords, etc.) are pretty much the same as what you use for speaking. The only true difference between the two is that when you sing you sustain the vowels and the sounds you are making on specific pitches, with specific rhythms and specific volumes and speeds.

Other than that, everything revolves around your awareness of how your instrument works, both in singing and speaking.

In Free Your Voice Quick Tip #3 from my Affordable Singing Lessons series, you learn how to become aware of how anger can mess up your voice and what you can do about it.

I call it “Customer Service, Please” because the quick tip revolves around a true story that happened to me and how I turned it into a quick singing mindsets technique that can help you with your singing (and speaking) voice.

If you have not seen my “Believe in the Shower” video – the first in the series of 10 free quick tips – then watch it now. It will most likely make you laugh because I had so much fun making it for you. And you will learn an important truth about how you need to extend your vowels in order to sing well.

I believe that learning to sing should be fun and there are a ton of reasons why that is important, but I can’t get into that just now.

This about letting you know that Quick Tip #3 is ready so if you want to get access to it, watch the shower video and you’ll know what to do next.

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