Voice Problems and Surgery

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Over the weekend, NPR did a show about voice problems and the challenges that singers face.

Since I work with people who use their voices a lot, professional singers and non-professional alike, I know how difficult it can be to keep things in perspective.

When we love to sing and when our living or our sense of pleasure or well-being depends on singing, it can feel like death to develop swollen vocal cords, a hoarse throat, or worst of all, a polyp.

That is why I emphasize over and over again how crucial it is to build a solid vocal foundation.

Many people have wonderful natural voices. Others do not. But both groups need good training in order to preserve and get the best out of their voices.

I have said this elsewhere, but I will say it again, I wish you would get the basic training you need before you jump into trying to sing big powerful songs.

It’s like trying to run a marathon without knowing how to warm up your muscles. You might get away with it a few times….when you are very young.

However, the voice is a physical instrument that stays healthy or becomes unhealthy based on physical principles.

There is no way to get around these principles anymore than you can get around the way your blood flows through your heart.

You can change the name of these principles, you can dismiss or ignore them, scoff at them, pretend they don’t apply to you, but the only thing you will get from all that in the long run is a hoarse throat, a raspy voice that cracks, or polyps, surgery and the strong possibility that you might be silenced from singing forever.

Today, more than ever, little attention is paid to solid vocal technique.

More attention is paid to fame and fortune and quick fixes.

Sadly, this kind of thinking will not help you to keep a healthy voice for the duration of your life.

Shaping and guiding healthy voices is one of my prime passions in life and that is why I have created the “Fearless Voice Power” affordable singing lessons course.

I knew that people were unnecessarily damaging their voices because they didn’t know the basic singing voice techniques.

Often, they think they do, but usually they don’t and that is when the trouble begins.

I have also seen many so-called voice training programs that promise to give you a “star quality” singing voice in 30 days or 10 quick lessons or some other kind of marketing hype.

Don’t believe it for a minute and don’t waste your money and time!

You need to build your vocal muscle power gradually, just like any other muscles.

So, if you want to sing with power and freedom for as long as you can, and you want to build and protect your voice with time tested unshakeable vocal techniques, I highly recommend that you give yourself something more valuable than money can buy….give yourself a healthy voice that learns how to unlock its potential without damaging its vocal cords.

Do it for yourself now instead of forming or repeating old patterns that are the cause of your vocal problems.

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