Impromptu Mountain Singing

Last night I had an amazing experience with four other women.

We hiked up a steep mountain trail (I think it started at 6,000+ feet) to watch the sun set and the moon rise. After it got dark, we hiked back down the trail with flashlights. It was incredible!

Boulders strewn about the area looked like a giant had smashed a stone world and sent pieces flying everywhere. The higher we hiked, the bigger the boulders became. At one point on the trail, there was a place where several several of them formed a doorway that framed an amazing view of higher peaks. A pool of water from the last rains still shimmered in a hole in the rock and reflected the mountains above it. That pool is in the video on this page. It was glorious!

There’s something about this kind of beauty coupled with mountain air and hiking that just about lifts me off the ground. In fact, I become almost oblivious to anything else around me, whether it be people or wildlife or my own thoughts. The beauty overtakes me so completely that I must send my voice singing and ringing amidst the fantastic beauty of boulders bigger than houses!

Do you ever feel that way about your voice? That you simply cannot stop it from singing out because of the power of the beauty around you? That the beauty itself seems to bubble up inside of you in the form of song?

If not, come into my world and I will show you how to let go of all inhibitions and feel the great joy that comes from fearless voice power.

There is absolutely nothing like it in the world that can lift you up and send you flying in the freedom of your mind to heights you may never have thought possible before. It releases endorphins in ways no other activity can.

I plan to get up that trail again and again and again, simply because I want to be compelled to sing into the mystery of the mountain beauty and release my own fearless voice power.

Listen carefully and you may even hear it on the wind!

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