It’s Time to Free Your Voice!

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– Fearless Voice Power –

Most people tell me privately that they would love to be able to sing without fear, on pitch, without a hoarse throat or a nasal sound.

But often they don’t believe they can actually fulfill that private desire and therefore they don’t want to even try or are too afraid to even try.

But they keep privately wishing it were true.

Somewhere in their early years, the message they got from parents, teachers, siblings or friends, convinced them that they were tone deaf, or not “talented” enough or could never sing like “such and such.”

And so, sadly, they began to believe it themselves and as they got older, they became sure it was true.

The trouble with this thinking, which I call the “anti-singing mindset” is that it is simply not true.

Well, at least all of it but the part about singing like “such and such” because your singing voice is unique to you and their singing voice is unique to them.

Is it true that you can learn to sing better?

And how does your mindset relate to whether or not it is true?

The answers are complex, but I like to simplify things so let me be brief about this because I have written about the “singing mindset” elsewhere on this site.

Heart to heart, let me tell you this:

  • If you believe you can learn to sing better, you are right
  • If you believe you cannot learn to sing better, you are right as well
  • If you believe you can learn then you will want to learn
  • If you want to learn badly enough, you will take an action to do just that

It all starts with what you believe about yourself and what you really want for yourself.

That is why taking singing lessons is such an amazing and wonderful pursuit. It not only frees you to sing the way you are capable of singing, it frees your view of yourself in almost every possible way you can imagine.

This is true because your singing voice is linked to your emotions and what happens inside your body and mind that impacts your muscles and the way you breathe, make sounds and express yourself. It’s linked to everything you know and don’t know, everything you feel, everything that frightens you or empowers you, makes you happy or sad.

My passion is to help people unlock and free the fearless voice power that they have inside of them that has never been let out.

With easy-to-learn vocal technique activities, singing breathing exercises and a liberated singing mindset, you can learn how your emotions and singing are linked together and how you can get rid of tension and voice problems such as a hoarse throat, nasal singing, singing pitch problems or swollen vocal cords.

It has been my privilege to successfully help thousands of people around the world discover how to the free their voices and learn to sing better than they currently do.

But because I cannot bring every person that wants help into my studio area, I decided long ago to develop and offer a professional online singing lessons course that can enable you to learn to make your dream of singing more freely come true.

Fearless Voice Power is now available for you!

Another heart to heart:

  • How badly do you want to learn to sing better?
  • If you want to sing better, it is time to stop putting it off and do what it takes to make it happen.

There is no reason to hold yourself back.

It is all up to you.

I have the university training (both undergraduate and graduate) and real world experience of singing and teaching singing outside of the university setting that it takes to help you. I also have what some people call an “uncanny” sense about what each person individually needs to free their voice plus years of successful experience guiding people into doing just that!

Now it’s your turn.

If you believe you can and want to learn how to release your fearless voice power, the time to do it is now.

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