Your Yellow Singing Tongue!

The health of your physical tongue affects your singing!

yellow singing tongueI want to write a few short posts to update you on your singing tongue and how deeply it impacts the way you can free your voice.

That’s because I’ve been learning new things in the past few months about what impacts my own voice, and I believe that a singing voice teacher needs to keep growing in order to give the best possible service to those of you who are earnestly working to free your voices.

And that, of course means YOU!

In order to have increasing ease with your singing voice, it is essential that you continue to develop healthy singing mindsets, which in this case, means a healthier singing tongue mindset.

What do I mean by that?

If you have already worked with my Singing Tongue digital lesson, then you will know some extremely important things about your singing tongue and how to better use it.

You will also know about your singing tongue mindsets that will help you to overcome certain negative patterns that have impacted your voice.

But what you may not know is how the health of your singing tongue will affect your voice.

Yes, I mean the physical health of your singing tongue!

Why do I say that?

  • There are several observations about your tongue that can you quite a bit about your overall health for singing. I won’t get into detail about them but do want to emphasize the following:
  • If the surface coating (whitish in color) of your tongue is so thick that you cannot see the pinkness of the tongue through it, this negatively impacts your singing energy at its core
  • If the coating is thin enough to see the pinkness of your tongue, don’t worry too much
  • As I mentioned, there are other things to look for that can give you clues about the health of your singing tongue, but I won’t get into the others in this article. That will be in a future blog.

Look at your singing tongue in the mirror.

  • Stick it out as far as you can without straining the muscles in the back of it.
  • Do you have a whitish coating on it?
  • If so, is it thin or thick, meaning can you see through to the pink or not?

Either way, I want you to start cleaning your tongue. There are manufactured tongue cleaners made specifically for this purpose, but the cheapest and easiest way to clean your tongue is to use a simple teaspoon from your kitchen.

Follow these steps:

  • Clean the spoon thoroughly and then use it to scrape the white coating off the surface as much as you can without hurting the tongue.
  • Make sure you get as much off the back of the tongue as you can without causing yourself to gag.
  • Do this several times, rinsing off the white stuff that comes off before you gently scrape again.
  • Afterwards, use a combination of baking soda and turmeric (it’s an anti-inflammatory herb/spice) on a toothbrush and thoroughly brush the tongue.
  • Use a toothbrush you don’t care about because the turmeric will stain it yellow.
  • Rinse your mouth and swish a bunch of times then spit out the residue

Enjoy your “yellow” singing tongue!

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  • Joy ,

    Hi Memory Healer. You have an interesting point of view. Would you like to give my readers and I more details about how this helps the singing voice?


  • Joy ,

    Elise, It’s not clear what it is you need help with. Please post here in order me to give my best advice.