Feel Better Now

Ever feel like giving up?  On everything?  Or, at least your dreams?

I sometimes do.

Trying to bring my dreams to fruition so that I can help the world be a better place through singing and teaching others to sing is not easy.

So what do I do?

I sing.bird singing


Because singing makes me feel better.


Because singing is a proven method of increasing endorphins, those feel-good hormones

Because I know what singing can do for my health, my attitude, my mental alertness and my inner calm.

The deep breathing that goes along with singing techniques brings more oxygen into my body.

I stay mentally focused in ways that nothing else, and I do mean nothing else, can help me to do.

There is so much about the use of the human voice that adds to a better world that a short blog post cannot tell it all.

But I want to encourage you to feel better today.

I encourage you to sing, even if you do not feel like it.  Even if you feel silly doing it.  Even if you are just laughing at me and what I am saying to you right now.


A song from your childhood, for instance.

Or a song that is popular now.

It does not matter because what happens on the inside of your body when you are singing is going to happen with either one.

Just sing to feel better now.

And while you are at it.  Encourage someone else to sing with you.  That does even more amazing things for your health.

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