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Ever Feel Like Your Voice Is Locked Up?

I recently gave a couple of lessons to a wonderful woman named Susan.

Sing by ktylerconk (Tennessee).

(No, that is not a picture of her!)

She found me on my SingBabySing YouTube site and decided to contact me.

It turns out that she started singing when she was 3 “all over the place” and at age 9-10 was chosen to sing opera in New York, but when she was a little bit older, she had some traumatic experiences that caused her to lose her voice.  She went to a number of voice teachers after that to get help, but nothing worked.  Her voice stayed locked.  Oh, she could sing, but as you’ll discover in the interview we did together after I gave her 2 voice lesson and a bonus lesson, her voice was never free the way she wanted it to be.

After she emailed me, I asked her a few questions about her voice and discovered that she had been frustrated for long time over a tightness in her tongue that made her feel like her voice was trapped, restricted, unable to express the beauty she longed to express.  She has written many songs and has had some success within the entertainment industry, but was not satisfied with the sound her voice.

Even though she had been to many voice teachers, no one seemed able to help her, not for many years.  You’ll find out how many years (kind of amazing) by listening to the her interview with me, taken after she took 2 lessons with me and experienced a major vocal breakthrough.

Listen to what she has to say.  It could change your voice….and your LIFE!

Here are a few excerpts from what she had to say in the interview.

  • I went from teacher to teacher to find my voice….and they always said you have the best  voice, just open your throat, just relax….your larynx is going up and they would show me how to do it and I couldn’t do it.  I would sit in front of the mirror and just open my throat, push my larynx down and stick out my tongue and say “ah, ah” but it wasn’t happening. This went on for years and years and years….but I’ve never been able to give up this dream of having a free voice.

  • What really helped me the most….was when I called you [after the first lesson] and I said, “My tongue is still tight”, and when I came back you said, “Let your tongue be tight, don’t fight your tongue.”  I think that was the opening because fighting something just makes it worse.

  • Being tight and really going into that tightness opened up a whole world and I think that was the big breakthrough.

Keep singing and remember,

Singing Is Your Joy Released!

Joy Sikorski, Master Singing Trainer

The Flickr photo used in this article is from ktylerconk (Tennessee)’s photostream
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