Why Homeschool Singing Lessons?

Joy’s Inspiration

I birthed and homeschooled my three children in a log cabin in Alaska that I helped to build. Having grown up in Los Angeles where I began studying piano at age four, was called a “child prodigy” by the Los Angeles Times and had appeared on TV several times before I turned twelve years old, this was a huge paradigm shift for me.

Before I moved to Alaska, however, I had also pursued voice and composing studies, and went on to become a professional performer, composer, and voice teacher, so you can imagine how incredible it was to be a homeschool mommy in the wilderness!

In that cozy little nook, I homeschooled my kids, chopped wood, shoveled snow, fished for wild salmon, cooked on a wood stove, grew a garden, survived volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches and unbelievable sub-zero weather in the northern climate darkness. I am the type of person who believes that everything works together for good as long as I keep my mind fixed on the good and lovely things, the things that have virtue and are praise-worthy, so my life-changing experiences in Alaska helped me to understand the needs of parents and educators, wherever they might live. And that is a good thing!

As a mom, I noticed that the way I used my voice directly influenced the way my children learned to communicate. If I was uptight and my voice became strident, they got tense and fussy, which negatively influenced their learning process. If I was calm and my voice was gentle and melodious, they felt safe and relaxed, which made it easier for them to ask questions, communicate their ideas and absorb data.

This may all seem like a no-brainer, but another important thing I realized while living in Alaska was how incredibly important it is for people to discover the power of their own voices, however they may personally feel about how they sound, and that very few people – parents and educators alike – ever have access to quality voice training for their children, whether they live in the city, the country or the wilderness. So I determined to do something about it.

I believed then and still believe that everyone, especially homeschool families should have access to free singing lessons tips and affordable singing lessons from a highly qualified and skilled professional, and that they should be able to have them online so it doesn’t matter where they lived. It took some time for technology to catch up with me, but I am very pleased and proud to say that despite all odds, I have been able to realize my dream to utilize my education, experiences and talents to benefit the homeschool community and other people around the world so that they will more fully grasp the importance of music and the value of homeschool singing lessons in their lives.

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  • Andrea ,

    Hi Joy! I am also a voice teacher, as well as a mother. I enjoyed reading your article about how, seemingly, insignificant attributes of the voice have great bearing on the outcome of emotion that they produce. How great that you’re able to ‘have your cake, and eat it too!’

  • Joy ,

    Hi Andrea,

    My apologies for not responding to your very nice comments sooner. My site was hacked and so a number of things slipped by me.
    I hope you will stay in touch. We voice teachers can encourage one another, can’t we?

    All my best,

  • Curri ,

    Are the lessons all recorded and you watch them at your leisure? Do you get lifetime access? Thanks!

  • Singing Master ,

    Hi Curri,

    Thank you for your questions. The answers are yes, they are all recorded (video and audio files plus PDFs). And yes, you get lifetime access.

    I’d be happy to assist with any other questions, but first I have a question for you: what are the ages of your children who might be taking these lessons?

    Sing well, be well,