Singing Breath & Singing Mindset Approach to Song

I gave a Skype lesson last night and realized that it would be good for you if I do a short article on the 4 things you truly need to coordinate when you start your tone or approach the singing notes from your song.

Without doing them, you will waste your singing breath, something that will not help you sing the way they want to.

Very quickly then, here are the 4 things:

  1. Start the tone as soon as you start the exhale.  In other words, don’t “lock” your singing breath before you begin the tone
  2. Don’t let out much breath at the beginning
  3. When going from the low to high notes, don’t push out more of your singing breath as you go up.  Keep the flow of air steady and coming out evenly in a compressed “thin stream.”
  4. When you think you are going to run out of breath at the end of a phrase, keep your chest and belly extended and resist the thought that you don’t have any more air.  The truth is you have a lot more available breath for singing than you realize.

Notice the picture at the right when you think about #4.

I said this would be short singing lesson and it is.  But I will do more with this in the days ahead.

For now, think of these 4 things as part of your singing mindset and and how you use your singing breath.

Work on mentally figuring out how to physically coordinate them so that you will be able to do this as easily as brushing your teeth.

In other words, think 1st and apply 2nd.  Kind of like the zen of golfing.

This is a great way to use your In Between Time wisely!

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  • steve ,

    I love these.more of it please

  • Joy ,

    Thanks. More up ahead!