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I just watched Susan Boyle singing the Rolling Stones song, “Wild Horses” and was thrilled to see that the audience doesn’t care about her age, her weight or anything about her. She’s fantastic and I am super happy for her success.  She is 48 and kickin’ it!

susan boyle

Susan Boyle- an artist

Now, the reason I am writing is that I was thinking today about her technique. She obviously has had some good training, so her technique is solid. She knows how to use her breath to sustain a tone without gasping for air, her tones are clear and she has power when she goes soaring upwards. A great technique!

Her vocal coach, Fred O’Neil, who is originally from Ireland, has a professional classical background, including performances in opera, musical theater and on television all over Europe. He tells about how Susan Boyle needed to learn about diaphragmatic breathing and smoothing out her voice from low to middle to high registers without breaks or changes in overall sound. Check the link at the end of this article for an easy way to strengthen your own diaphragm.

Here is what Fred O’Neil says about singing as a child:

To encourage a child to sing is the most amazing thing and from the time I could speak I remember singing

Her training was classical, but she can still take a great pop song and sing it from her heart with a tremendous amount of feeling and authenticity. Why?  Because of good vocal technique.

You can learn good vocal technique too.  That’s why I’m here to help you, so subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter. Feel free to ask a question about your own voice!

Now, here’s that easy way to strengthen your own diaphragm that I promised.

Morning Health – Slow Breathing

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