About Joy Sikorski

Hi, I’m Joy Sikorski, M.A., a master voice teacher who believes that you deserve to get professional singing lessons at a price you can afford!

And you are here because you want singing lessons to help you with your voice, right?

So, here are a few things you will want to know about me:

  • Professional performer, composer and voice teacher for over 25 years
  • Help all ages and backgrounds with beginning to advanced singing lessons
  • Work with pop voices, rock voices, opera voices, musical theater voices, folk voices and country voices
  • Successfully help people who have damaged their voices
  • People from all over the world ask me for singing advice and get results
  • My teaching style has been called a bit wacky, but the method to my singing lessons madness works!
  • My unique and exclusive vocal techniques can empower any type of voice style
  • Trained with Dr. Robert Kinney, Corinne White Swall, Madame Ina Souez
  • Lauded as a “child prodigy” pianist by the Los Angeles Times
  • Recognized by industry experts for Impropera:  Music in the Moment
  • Composer for “The Last Harvest,” a PRSA Aurora Award winning film
  • Collaborations with Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, Michael Silversher
  • Co-composer/lyricist of the musical, Gathering Blue, adapted from a book by Newbery Award winner Lois Lowry
  • Co-founder of an award-winning environmental awareness contest featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America”
  • Known for the Puccini Effect™ because of the work I do with moms voices and prenatal music singing for vocal language development at SingBabySing®
  • That’s enough about me. Now let’s get going with….


    Joy Sikorski, M.A.
    Master Singing Voice Trainer/Coach

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    • Terry White ,

      You’ve just taken my final payment for your singing course but my account is inactive.
      Is this how you run your Business.
      Take the money and deny access to the Members area.
      Please respond.

    • Joy ,


      Oh dear. I didn’t know this happened. Occasionally, there is an electronic glitch in the payment system.
      I would NEVER EVER take money from anyone and then deny them access!

      I will fix this right now and figure out what happened, then email you.

      Besides all of that, I had wanted to communicate with you more personally anyhow, to see how I can be of further help to you with your voice.

      My apologies,

    • nicole gorko ,

      Hi Joy,

      Where is your voice coaching practice based? I’m in the los angeles area currently and have been looking into starting voice lessons (for myself). I’m 28 years old.


    • Joy ,


      I am about 2.5 hours outside of Los Angeles. I do give lessons online and have been able to help people with their voices in various parts of the world that way.

      I also have several FREE videos as well as a series of for purchase digital lessons that are available. These can be a good starting point for you.

      Free Videos

      Digital Lessons

      Contact me via email at joy@singingmastermind.com.

      Sing well, be well,