Impropera: Music in the Moment

What In The World Is It?

Impropera is a unique impromptu ‘music in the moment’ that Joy Sikorski creates by evoking themes from thin air, poetry or words given by the audience. Joy, an award-winning composer and performer, improvises with voice, piano and/or synthesizer as she instantly creates new music before your eyes. Her 45 minute show captivates audiences as they suggest ideas or words which she turns into a one-of-a kind sui generis music unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

What Do Others Say About It?

  • “Absolutely marvelous. You know how to deliver the show!” – Fyvush Finkel, Fox TV’s Boston Public and Picket Fences
  • Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, touchingly unique and powerful beyond words.” – Michael Silversher, Grammy Award winner, Emmy Award nominee and Helen Hayes/Charles MacArthur Award nominee
  • “It’s like what Beethoven or Schubert did only you add the voice. Remarkably unique.” – Ira Fistell, KABC Talk Radio, L.A.
  • “It felt like a wondrous place.” – Brianna Tejada, 2nd grader
  • “Brilliant!” – Richard Fowkes, Former Exec. Vice President of Business Affairs, Motion Picture Group – Paramount Pictures
  • “When she sings, time seems to stand still and the world feels like a better place…audiences love her.” – Donna Gilbert, Emmy Award Winner
  • “Your music is beautiful.” – Tony Knowles, Former Governor of Alaska
  • “Your compassion for the human spirit and your music has transcended politics, wars and tragedy to touch the very souls of people in Alaska and around the world.” – Jerry Ward, Former Alaskan State Senator
  • “It’s truth on stage: a fascinating example of unique musical improvisation that requires total artistic vulnerability on the part of the player.” – John Sparks, Artistic Director, Academy for New Musical Theatre/L.A. and Theatre Building/Chicago
  • “It’s like being inside the mind of a composer when the creative process is taking place.” – Ron Balin M.A. – Educator
  • How Does It Work?

    Impropera works in several ways because it is unpredictable yet intriguingly familiar. Sometimes Joy makes up words and vocables (she calls them ‘opera scat’) straight out of the air and creates a piano accompaniment for them on the spot. Other times, audience members bring in their favorite pieces of poetry or prose (original or otherwise) on slips of paper that Joy draws out of a hat or box. She then uses the words as she simultaneously sings and plays the piano, evoking a lush 21st century romantic classic sound to create the new music. If an audience member is especially brave or game to have fun, they come up on stage with Joy and enter into the Impropera experience with her. Still other times, Joy may Impropera-ize by creating solo piano or acappella vocal music or vocal pieces with wind chimes or ‘sacred’ bells.

    Who Enjoys It?

    Impropera appeals to audiences of all ages because the music is created, in part, by the audience. Yet, it requires no special skills in order to participate. In a school setting, Joy works with teachers in advance so that literature studied in the classroom can be featured in the show as students help to create the music. Adult audiences love Impropera because they have the opportunity to enter into the creative process. Joy never uses inappropriate or offensive material.

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