SingBabySing® Prenatal Music Singing

Building a Solid Prenatal Music Singing Foundation

I’ve included a page for SingBabySing® on this Singing Mastermind site because I also devote my time, knowledge, experience, skills and energy to provide information and tools for giving the best possible start to the young voices that will become the key voices in the world faster than any of us can possibly imagine.

SingBabySing® is a site for moms, dads, grandparents, family members, nurses, preschool, childcare providers and anyone else who works with babies, helps pregnant women or gives baby shower gifts.

Yikes! this sounds like a political speech, but it is not!

I know what the research says about the power of a mother’s voice to influence how her child sounds and that is why I do everything I can to give valuable tools and information to those who care about the future voices of the world.

More about that research at SingBabySing®.

You see, a baby imitates what they hear and they start hearing inside the womb!

Their mother’s voice is the one voice they hear the most and it is the most influential in how they develop their own vocal singing

Patterns that are crucial to excellence in language development and singing skills.

That is why prenatal and infant singing with good vocal technique is so important.

In fact, I cannot emphasize that last statement enough!

So, if you care about the future of singing voices in this ol’ world, check out SingBabySing® and send your friends there.

There’s also a wonderful CD there that makes a fantastic gift for mothers. I created it with Grammy Award winner, Michael Silversher.

It’s incredibly calming and it is uniquely designed to build a solid vocal foundation from the earliest stages of life!

I also have a FREE report that is called the Baby’s Voice Advantage Secrets so be sure to pick it up!


Joy Sikorski, Master Voice Trainer

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  • eve ,

    never had a lesson though I worked as a singer for 15 years. Now that I am 66 I have the oportunity to sing again in the area I live in. I get nervous though, as I have not done it for 30 years and when I sing at home my voice is like velvet, when I pick up the mike I look great and am a natural performer, but my voice sounds totally different. I have tried to breath like you show, but I cannot breath that way. I am so scare because I am doing a show this Sunday with many well known performers and do not want to depend on my looks and professionalism alone, want that voice to come out, but it gets tight in front of audiences…

  • Joy ,


    Boy, I sure admire you and wish I could be there on Sunday. I’d cheer you on big time!

    Here’s what I suggest doing between now and then:

    Think about the love you feel when you sing.
    Think about the velvet feeling you want to give to people.
    Think only about your own voice, no one else’s.
    Do not compare yourself to anyone else because your voice is the ONLY ONE LIKE IT IN THE WORLD and people will want to hear it if you love the way it makes you feel.
    Concentrate on a spot in the back of the room and pretend that that spot is what your voice sounds like at home.

    Meanwhile, if you click on the YouTube link at the bottom of this page, you’ll find some useful videos for helping you too. Especially try the Dog Pant and Resonance 2. They can really help.