Your Tremendously Long Singing Tongue

A Long Singing Tongue


I’m not sure what it is about a singing tongue that holds a certain fascination for people, myself included, but I am sure that knowing how to use your tongue for powerful singing is an absolute must.  And the “longer” you stretch your tongue muscle the more you will be able to release its POWER for singing!

Here’s the short version…

In order to sing well, without straining, hurting your throat, causing polyps and other nasty stuff that can destroy your voice for the rest of your life, you need to know how to keep your larynx low when you are singing.

This has to do with the tongue muscle, how it is connected to your epiglottis, your jaw and the other singing tongue partners in your head.

And I will tell you this from my own singing tongue experience, it takes knowledge, fearless determination to change your singing tongue mindset and a certain amount of chutzpah to get over your self-consciousness about exercising the muscle that is so crucial to your singing.

Lately, I have spending a good amount of time preparing a singing lesson on this very subject and since I first wrote this blog, I finished it! Yay for us!

In it you discover:

  • Why the tip of your tongue must stay forward and relaxed when singing or speaking
  • Why the back of your singing tongue cannot go down like when you swallow
  • Specific exercises to strengthen and manage your singing tongue

I know that this may sound complicated, but in my series, YOUR TREMENDOUS SINGING VOICE, I am letting the secrets about singing out of the professional bag and making them user-friendly.

Since I think that your singing tongue is one of the most vital things you need to start on, I have released that episode first, even though it is fourth in the series.

If you seriously want more help with your singing tongue, get it here!

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  • Pat ,

    Great Stuff, I can’t wait until you release this series so that I can purchase it.

  • Joy ,


    Thanks so much. I sure enjoyed our lesson time together.


  • Joy ,

    I’m not exactly sure what is, but I just figured that I’d leave this in because someone sent it to me. One of these days I’ll figure all of this tech stuff out. Until then, keep strengthening your singing tongue everyone!

  • Joy ,

    Thanks so much. I appreciate the fact that you are sending people here. Also, I do a lot of work with mothers-to-be and mothers-who-are, so if you know anyone in those categories, be sure and direct them to my other site that is dedicated to moms and babies, SingBabySing. Lots of powerful stuff there that helps us all to understand how our first vocal patterns are formed and how to help the next generation strengthen and improve their singing voices.


  • Joy ,

    Glad to hear it helped and hope you will tell others about the site.