Affordable Singing Lessons Testimony

I love working with students from various places on the planet and love what Sami Comeau from Canada had to say about working with me via Skype lessons.

Sami recently graduated from high school but before she did, she and I had the opportunity to work on some important singing techniques, such as breathing with the muscles below her belly button!

I especially love what she says about singing lessons being life lessons.

Another student of mine told me yesterday that what I am doing is giving Life Coaching and that I’m her therapist!

I get that a lot!

Anyhow, I thought you’d like to see what Sami has to say so you can be encouraged.

Soon, I will have my new series of affordable singing lessons ready for you and then, guess what? I’ll look for a testimony from you too!

—- P.S. If you know French, let me know what she says at the end of the video!

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  • Joy is an awesome vocal teacher – but I see her more as a life coach! She not only helps you to learn vocal techniques, but also helps you to learn life lessons! I’ve only had a couple of lessons with her so far, and I absolutely love Joy’s personality – we always have a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and yet we are still productive. I truly appreciate her encouragement and look forward to more lessons with her!

  • Joy ,

    Thanks, Ursula. It’s a joy to work with you and I’m looking forward to more lessons too!