Rock Your Voice!

Yup, that’s all I can say. I practice near a big rock on a wonderful mountain and here is my lesson from that fantastic place! Just do this thing and get your voice going. NO FEAR PEOPLE!

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  • Anonymous ,

    Wow! I love the resonance when you turn toward the mountain. Wish I could be there, sounds amazing. Thank you for the happy note!

  • Joy ,

    Thanks! And may your voice and happy note be powerful in the world around you today!


  • Great lesson. Great voice, and you can tell that you know what you’re doing. I could learn a lot from a teacher like you. Thank you for giving us your talent and abilites.

  • Joy ,

    Thanks! I appreciate your kind comments and look forward to providing you with quality content in the future so that your voice continues to get stronger and stronger. “You deserve to be heard!”

  • *Sophie_Q ,

    Love your video and your posts! I’m working on my projection and my resonance (I should go to a mountain) ; it’s very hard lol. Thanks for the lesson! your voice is amazing n.n

  • Joy ,

    Glad the videos are helping you. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see me talk about on the site? The more you can tell me about what you need, the better I can help you. Thanks for your encouragement and I hope you will tell others about the site, which is in the middle of a wonderful redesign at the moment!