Singing Rest 3 Steps Ahead

singing exercise to relax
Have you ever felt like you were going to burn out because you just have too much to do and not enough time to do it in?

Do you ever wonder if there is a quick way to feel better that won’t take much time?

Well, there is!

Singing does wonders for helping you to relax and rest.

That’s because of several different reasons.

  1. Singing causes you to breathe more deeply
  2. Singing release endorphins, those feel-good hormones, into your body
  3. Singing causes you to focus more
  4. Focusing helps you to stop worrying or feeling bad about your life
  5. Singing uses your brain more fully than most other activities
  6. It requires an almost perfect balance between relaxation and tension

There’s a lot more but let’s just focus on these few.

Here is what I want you to do.

Watch the little exercise below that I created some time ago and follow along with it a couple of times.

Next, do it lying down flat on the floor with your legs and arms uncrossed.

Close your eyes and do some deep slow breathing before you do the exercise.

Imagine yourself in a world that is filled with soft flower colors and fragrances and other gentle things, like the things that are in the video. (My son took all those pictures, by the way. They were some of his first and now he is doing even greater things with his camera).

Okay, once you have used your imagination and taken the deep breaths, then do the same exercise without the video and pay attention to how you are breathing and how gentle your voice does or does not sound.

Keep focused on letting your voice come out slowly and gently.

Do this several times, then play the video again and sing along with it.

Compare how you feel when you use the video and when you don’t.

Then write in the comment section about how each felt to you. I can help you more if you write comments that I can answer here on my site instead of YouTube.

If you will do this little exercise exactly the way I have suggested doing it above, I can guarantee that you will feel rested afterward.

And remember, write your observations below so I can respond to you.

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  • bobby ,

    I can see what you’re after here Joy. Thank you so much.

  • Dave ,

    Great video! Wow, I for the first time could hear more of a pleasant, fuller sound rather than all nasally when I focused of the feelings/vibrations in my head you were talking about. I also realized just how much I need to check out and practice your breathing exercises! Thanks so much for the site!

  • Joy ,

    Glad to hear this was useful for you and thanks for your encouragement.

    One of the things I’d love to know is what types of things you would like to see addressed on my site.

    The more I know about what you need, the better I can serve you.

    You might also enjoy this article about singing breathing too!


  • Joy ,

    You are most welcome and I sure would like to hear more of your thoughts about how singing can bring a sense of well being and rest.