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affordable singing lessons for confident singingThis blog is all about affordable singing lessons and how to find and free your TRUE or AUTHENTIC VOICE. It’s what I call having Fearless Voice Power.

I believe that YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD and that you should have access to professional help that is both fun and affordable. That is why I am here with this blog thing happening, to give you everything I possibly can to help you with your voice.

Everything I do and think and say somehow gets back to singing.  That’s because I’m so passionate and unashamed about it.

So, stick with me if you want to sing ~ feel ~ breathe ~ rest…..BETTER!

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  • Shelly ,

    thank you for the article!
    i was a bathroom singer, lol it’s been a long time i dreamed of being a real singer!

  • Joy ,

    Are you a professional singer now?

  • Richard ,

    I have a great passion to sing in front of others. I have played guitar and sang by myself for many years. I sing folk/rock and i have a decent voice.
    My biggest hurdle is stage fright. A song i have sang for years suddenly becomes mechanical in front of others and I die inside. I have tried meditation, breathing techniques, etc. I am worried and disappointed that I will never feel I am comfortable and confident to ever sing in front of others.
    I have heard others sing from time to time in local gatherings and know I could sing what they are singing better. And i admire and envy them at the same time that they are up their singing when I cant.
    Saw your website and thought I would share my feelings.

  • Singing Master ,

    Hi Richard,

    My apologies for taking so long to get back to you.
    My website was horridly hacked and things piled up as a result.

    First of all, thank you for trusting me with your feelings.
    What you mentioned happened to me too. But I learned to get over it and sing with confidence before thousands of people and perhaps millions through television and later the internet.

    So, here’s what I suggest to begin with.

  • pat ,

    I use to sing all the time with my children, however my husband at the time (now ex) use to tell me not to sing when he had friends or family over because it embarrassed him. I can’t seem to get his voice out of my head any time I get up to sing, any ideas on how to block that voice I heard for 24 years

  • Singing Master ,

    Dear Pat,

    I can help you with this. I’ve been through it in a different but still paralyzing way.

    Contact me through my email at joy@singingmastermind.com and let’s move forward with getting that negative voice out of your head.