Your Singing Tongue (Mindset) – Part 2

BabyTongueYour Singing Tongue Mindset

I have never heard anyone mention this phrase, singing tongue mindset, so I am coining it here to give you a powerful tool for learning to sing better and improve your life in general.

If you have not read Your Singing Tongue – Part 1, do that now and then come back here because I want to take you as fast as I can into this must-have mindset for better singing.

So what is the singing tongue mindset?

I like to break things down into smaller parts and use bullets, so here we go:

    • My tongue can either help me or hinder me in singing, depending on how I use it
    • By learning how it physically works and how to control it, I can improve not only my voice but my attitude and my health
    • I know that getting it under control is one of the most powerful things I can do for myself
    • I am determined to overcome every obstacle in order to control it
    • I won’t give up until I control it

  • As I learn to control it, I will feel better about my voice and myself
  • I will commit myself to doing singing tongue exercises daily until I “get it”
  • But most of all I know that using my tongue to its fullest power starts in my mind
  • Whatever speech or singing patterns I have picked up from family members, friends or teachers may or may not have helped me
  • I am willing to let go of old destructive and ineffective patterns in order to change my world
  • I am willing to enhance and improve any positive and effective patterns too
  • No one can stop me from changing how I sing and how I communicate. No one!
  • I want my tongue to be used to make sounds that are more powerful than I can imagine
  • It starts with my attitude about myself and others
  • Once I am rock sold determined to use it for good, I cannot fail

These are the basics.  Every one of these statements and affirmations can be fleshed out, but just start with these to begin with.

Action Steps

  • Stop what you are doing right now and sit in a comfortable quiet place.
  • Read the first bullet point
  • Close your eyes and focus on what it means
  • As you think deeply about it, become aware of what your tongue wants to do inside your mouth.  Is it relaxed, is it tense?  What is it doing?
  • What is the rest of your body wanting to do?  Fidget? Go to sleep?
  • What is your mind telling you about the fact that you are doing this right now?
  • Jot down notes to remember what you observed
  • Repeat this with each of the bullet points.
  • If you have to stop before you can finish all the statements, come back later and finish
  • Most of all, finish it

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  • Pat ,

    Hello Joy,
    This is a wonderful exercise. I wanted to know if you finished the digital home teaching tapes for the voice. I am in great need of them. I don’t mean to rush you, but do you know when they will be available? I’m just trying to get ready for my audition that I told you about. Thank you so much….Pat

  • Joy ,


    You have been much on my mind and I am working very hard to get you what you need. Hang in there with me and you won’t regret it.

    Meanwhile, are you working with the other free videos I have on YouTube? Especially the Dog Pant and Resonance 2? You can find them by clicking on the YouTube link at the bottom of this page.

    I truly appreciate your patience.


  • Peter ,

    Hello Joy,
    This may sound silly but I am on action steps and I cannot find these bullet points that you mentioned.
    Could you say where they are please? x
    Best wishes

  • Singing Master ,

    Hi Peter,

    Did you get my email on April 27th about this issue? I didn’t hear back from you and wanted to make sure everything worked out for you with Your Singing Tongue Mindset #2.