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18 thoughts on “Affordable Singing Lessons Quick Tips #1

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  4. Joy, forget about my last comment. I totally missed the whole point of the 3rd singing tip with prolonging the vowels. Sorry. Instead, my mind took me to the mountains where it was NOT meant to go in the first place. Stuart.

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  9. Hi Joy, I’m now getting over the flu, and i have 7 shows in 3 days. is there anything that you would recommend i do during showtimes that will allow me to maintain the clarity for each show.

    • Tova,

      I have been traveling for a couple of days and did not get your meesage until today. One of the best things you can do is drink fresh ginger tea and/or suck on small pieces of fresh ginger. Also, gargle with salt water, of course, and drink lots of warm water. Avoid ice water and sodas.

      Hope I was able to respond to you in time for your shows!


  10. Hi, Joy,
    I have enjoyed your lessons on YouTube and this is my first visit to your new website and do have a question about how to sing if you still have phlglm in the throat. I had bronchitis a few weeks ago and the phleglm almost cleared up, but there is enough left to make my voice sound a little raspy. I’ve tried oil of Eucalyptus that helps as well as gargling with salt water. Just wondered how you have dealt with singing if you had the same problem. I’ve been asked to sing with a church praise band this Sunday and want to be at my best if possible.



    • Hi William,

      I apologize for not getting back to you in time for your singing on Sunday. I was out of town and didn’t get to this until Monday. However, the information I have for you is good at any time of year and yes, I have had similar problems to what you describe.

      But not any more, thankfully, because I finally found what I consider the easiest and best ways to work on eliminating the causes of bronchitis and phlegm.

      I’ve been posting some articles here on the blog about herbs for healthy singing, so check them out and then get back to me. I will do everything I can to help you because I am here to guide into ways of freeing your voice, and I strongly believe that optimum health is one of those ways that is high on the priority list!

      Here are the two articles to help you:

  11. My children and I are so enjoying these fun singing tips

    Joy is a contagiously JOY-filled person, and who doesn’t need more JOY in their lives?

    I’ve always loved to sing, but sing so badly. This is encouraging to me that there is hope for those of us who can’t carry a tune!

  12. I need help.. i can’t seem to keep my adam’s apple down for my life.
    Everytime i go up the scale my apple escalates.
    I’ve tried keeping in mind what you said about yawning but i can’t seem to keep it down
    plus when i think about the yawning tip, my voice doesn’t sound natural. it sounds like I’m
    intentionally trying to make my voice sound “opera”
    Is there a certain way you’re suppose to escalate up the scale? Any exercises that i can do?

    • Ben,

      Thanks for your question. I’d like you to try doing your scales lying flat on your back with your feet and arms uncrossed. Close your eyes and do everything slowly so that you can notice exactly when you feel the adam’s apple starting to lift. When you feel the slightest bit of lift, stop, start over and go slower. Keep your eyes closed and don’t worry about the sound of the tone or the “yawn” or anything else. Only notice when the slightest bit of tension starts. If it starts on the first note, don’t go on. Start over and only do the very beginning of the note (softly) until you feel that first note in a relaxed way, meaning no tension around the “apple.”

      Let me know what happens,

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